Saturday, April 23, 2011


Was I lucky this year or NOT,

Luck is simply what happens when preparation meets opportunity, we all dream a lot some are lucky some are not.But if you think it, want it , then it's real.You are what you feel. It was a pretty busy start for me this year lots of things happened good and BAD should i blame this on my luck or me not being prepared in what i got myself into or should i say i had a good luck in what i have enjoyed or i was up to those things i ended up happy with.Its's a matter of deciding how do i want to look to myself as a winner or as an adventurer who love to experience everything but not as a loser who lost a lot because nothing is worthless its either a Good or a Bad experience.

Luck wont come alone its just the harder i work the more i have of it. sometime i think am NOT lucky at all because am not moving as fast as i want but i realized this might be me being really luck because i might be going in the wrong direction, it's just believing i am lucky is luck sometimes i am saying sometime because luck never gives;it only lends.

Any failure will say success is a matter of luck is that true? for me now luck is the idol of the idle. we should all know that nature creates ability and luck only provide the opportunity, and of course luck never made a man wise, the meaning of luck can vary according to the stage and phase we live as a man telling you i had bad luck with both of my wives the first one left me and the second one did't.....

one thing is always sure about luck is that it will change, so may good luck be my friend in whatever i do and may trouble be always a stranger to me...      

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